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Queen Amidala for Kim & Mark :))

Star Wars Club


horseshoe and 4 leaf clover for Mark :))

Good Luck Charms Club

gold metal plating, transparent green #6, transparent red #2


tibetan conch shell

moth's entry to the Good Luck Charms Club


tag back suggestions for Jon :)

Good Luck Charms Club

update: club members have chosen to take the green version :)


Lovely girls for Libby

glitter colours 5, CA7 and 35E


PMS club origami


Adobe Acrobat Dokument 3.2 MB
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 755.2 KB


Dear PMS club members!



Please submit/order your design on Tuesday 25. August 2015. The 24h time slot for submitting your design starts at 12.00 noon CEST (see table). I have added the timeline for several other time zones. The slot starts at the time indicated in the table and lasts for 24h. This is to make sure that our designs will appear closely together in the gallery.


When you order, please:

  • upload your origami design,
  • select shiny silver plating,
  • select tag back „Origami PMS club“ (last one of the free tag backs).


As soon as you have paid, you will have access to the tag control panel (click „My tags“, then click on the origami tag icon):

  • Under „Edit tag permissions“ please choose YES for „Show This Tag In The Public Gallery?“. This way I will get access to the blueprint for the booklet and I can check, if the blueprinters adopted the correct PMS colour codes for your design.
  • On the contol panel you will see the template number and the serial number. Please send me these two numbers with your pathtags name in a PM or regular e-mail (I need this information to be sent to Mike later  for joint approval).
  • On your tag profile please add the keyword „PMS club origami“ and for the tag name please choose this standard form „PMS club origami – your object“, e.g. „PMS club origami – fox“.


Some days later you will receive your blueprint from the factory. Even if you are happy with the blueprint, and the design and colours are correct,

do not approve!

Please leave the screen without approving! Instead please send me a PM or a regular e-mail saying that you are happy with your design and that you release it for joint club approval. As soon as I have received this release note from all members, I will ask Mike to approve all our designs at the same time. This is to ensure that all 35 tags will arrive at Mike’s office at the same time and that he can sort the sets and send them out to the members.

time table:


PMS club origami

example tag

instruction by Fumiaki Shingu

Project PMS

PMS club origami (2015)


There are hundreds of PMS colours! Let’s start to get an overview with a club that will enable each member to get a foundation library of how enamel colours look like! If you choose to participate, you will receive a set of 35 one colour range tags to help you work on your own design. This club is supposed to support pathtaggers creating their own tags as far as choice of colour and as far as colour possibilities are concerned.

This project basically is a club based on 35 members who like to have a club set that is beautiful and at the same time can be practically used. It aims at supporting the pathtag community with designing their own designs. It is designed to be a „let’s help each other“-project.

The club will serve as a colour library, each member will get their own set of „books“ J

The project starts with this club: „PMS club origami“. As the idea is designed as an extendable project, some further clubs might be run in the future choosing a different topic design idea (different from ‚origami‘), but in the spirit of adding more colours to the library.

This means that tags in this club will not display many different colours, but only three colours from the same range. This will make this club set stand out from the majority of mixed colours tag designs.

Club guidelines:

35 members max.

silver metal

special tag back

submission date (to be set)


design specifications:

topic: origami

(You can search for origami objects on google. Most of them are for free, if the tag will not be sold. Therefore no tag of this club is allowed to be sold. If the origami is copyright by some artist, you can choose it, but will have to state her/his name in the tag description. My example is an origami by Fumiaki Shingu. I am not allowed to sell the tag, but on his website he allows people to take his designs, if you put his name next to it. The origami figures folded from paper are not copyrighted, but the instruction sheets may be, then you have to name the author of the instruction.)

metal: silver

colours: three PMS colours from a single colour range
according to the origami principle ->  2 colours for the design (two sides of different colour of the origami paper , 1 colour background


technical requirements:

all tags should be produced in the same factory due to compatibility of PMS colours (preferably main factory used by


design assistence from design partners:

These design partners will help you for free! Their payment will be one complete club set! They have agreed to participate in this project and you may choose to contact any of them. If one of them is busy working on many designs for this club already, please be so kind as to turn to one of the other project partners. They will happily assist you! Thank you for your support:

project design partner 1: Kyndrid (Kyndrid Spirit)

project design partner 2: Astrid and Marcel (Pathtags NL)

project design partner 3: moth (me)


focus on colours:

each tag shall have 3 PMS colours from a single colour range:

e.g. three different PMS colours of a light green shade,
e.g. three different medium red shades,
e.g. three different white types (e.g. white/663/cool gray 1),
e.g. three different skin type colours,
e.g. three different blue shades: light-medium-dark,
e.g. three different green shades: grass green-antique green-mint green

according to the origami principle ->  2 colours for the design (two sides of different colour of the origami paper , 1 colour background

design should be a simple origami design depicting a thing (animal, plant, any object,…) drawn with simple lines.

Note that the colours do not need to match the origami object!

e.g. your chicken can be yellow but does not have to be,  you can have a blue chicken if you like J
e.g. your origami swan might be white, but might also be green instead…


text on tag:

no text on the tag, no personalization, no numbers.


PMS lists:

my job will be to

·        design a tag back especially for the club (design is ready)

·        run two lists for the club:
1st list giving pathtagger’s name / tag number / origami design / 3 PMS colours on the tag
2nd list giving PMS colours used in the club in numeric order / tag number (check list)



one club set will consist of 35 tags with 3 colours each, total colours 105

1 set will go to each member

1 extra set will go to moth as a backup copy

1 extra set will go to support designer 1

1 extra set will go to support designer 2

1 extra set will go to support designer 3

remaining tags will go to the pathtag owner along with their personal club set.


example tag sheet

tag number: xxxxx

tag owner: moth

club: PMS club origami

design: origami fox (instruction sheet by Fumiaki Shingu)

PMS: 155 / 1485 / 7578

copper chart


...little voodoo doll...


...Halloween and English literature club preview...


...busy squirrel in summer...


suggestion for blood moon

pms 487


♥the crazy fairy sisters ♥


*vampire lady for Lauri *


...glitter coming in april...


...playing with colours...


mixed colours for Marie :-))


{mixed colour version}

(for Marie :-))